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Who can do Bellyfit?

Bellyfit is for women seeking a non-competitive, safe and intentional fitness practice that allows students to step in with purpose, yet ease….Bellyfit also provides women with a deep sense of community, emotional connection, and affirmation.

Women of ALL sizes/ages/ability/and fitness levels are invited to step into finding their own body’s way of moving with comfort and safety, while presenting challenge to grow in strength, conditioning, and flexibility.

Why should I do Bellyfit?
Bellyfit fulfills the cutting-edge combination of: centering/warm ups; 30 minutes of interval-cardio moves; core & strength training; flexibility training; and ending with stretch/cool down and relaxation. Continuous emphasis on the breath, posture, and body-awareness is blended throughout the hour long routines.

As with any practice, your own personal Bellyfit experience will continue to evolve and offer continued beneficial results… As you learn the physical grooves/moves, you will begin to dive deeper into the energetic body where true transformation, healing, and balance happens….Whether you are seeking to lose weight, tone your core, improve your cardiovascular endurance, or gain more flexibility, Bellyfit offers it all. You will enjoy the spirit of community and connection with other women that will inspire you to become the best, most balanced woman that you can be.

What do I need for Bellyfit classes?
  1. Shoes please…Bellyfit is designed to be a ‘shoes on’ experience for the 1st half…..’shoes off’ for the 2nd half. 
  2. Yoga Mat ….please bring your own to each and every class – you will need it for the floor work!
  3. Clothing…please wear comfy + breathable-fabric clothing….make it be something that you enjoy wearing!
  4. WATER bottle....stay hydrated -- you WILL sweat! So please always remember to BYOW!
  5. Also bring….a willing heart…an open mind….your smile!...and  you-beautiful-you.
The HOME STUDIO is a FRAGRANCE-FREE zone! - please respect those that are chemically sensitive. Thanks!

To learn more about Bellyfit International and founder, our talented, lovely, and dedicated Alice Bracegirdle, please visit the home-site: www.bellyfit.com

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