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Belly Dance Lessons!....the beauty of Middle Eastern Dance....

A photo of my Troupies....."Troupe Svatura"...("Gypsy Tales")

After a lifetime of Classical Ballet, I jumped whole-heartedly into the world of Middle Eastern Dance about 19 years ago now. That journey has taken me through many adventures, performing in "the Circuit", including many major cities in the U.S. as a soloist, troupe member, or also as a workshop instructor, under the professional dance name of "Amani Ali." I was christened "Amani" by the internationally renowned Master Instructor, Mr.Mahmoud Reda, of Cairo, Egypt. "Amani" means "things wished for" or "hope". I also reminded him of the real Amani, who was one of his favorite dancers in his famed National Egyptian Folkloric Ballet, which Mr. Reda formed years ago. He sent me some pics of Amani - I am nearly a dead-ringer!!! 

I began teaching about 23 years ago and have maintained a local Student-based troupe of anywhere from 4-14 members, performing at local events and the college. I do not always offer INTRO/Beginner classes, but am planning this one to begin in mid-Sept! 

***Incidentally,Bellyfit and The Nia Technique are wonderful adjuncts to this art form, as they  truly enhance your understanding of music, put you in touch with your body at a more basic level, prepares you with many similar moves that cross over into M.E. dance (examples: shimmies and body undulations...), and builds core strength as well as endurance and stamina!

FALL Session begins Monday/ Sept 15th - Nov 17th 

NOTE: SPACE IS LIMITED! and on a 1st-come basis...to ensure your spot, it is recommended that you secure it w/a $10 deposit, applicable to the fee. Please contact me ASAP to be on my mailing list to rec'v current info!
  • Time: 7:00-8:15pm
  • Place: Home Studio... 20111 CR 40 West Goshen
  • Fee: $120
  • 574-533-0222... melanieinmotion53@gmail.com
  • EARLY BIRD discount: register BY Sept 1st and take 10% off

 You will be given a broad over-view of styles of M.E. dance, basic technique and rhythms, along with remedial learning, as I expect this class to be mixed levels of Beg-Intermediate. We will let the class decide upon whether they would like to add another piece to the choreographies that they have already learned.

***Particulars:  please wear comfortable clothing that is form fitting - no baggy clothes! Yoga pants + tank are fine. You will also need to find a very full circle skirt or "gypsy skirt" for future ref. I will have info on where to find them + pretties for your hips! It really does help to have something around the hips to show the movements better. Dancing is done barefoot or in a soft ballet shoe. I can also steer you to a good supplier if you want shoes. Also, please bring along a water bottle! One great site to check out: http://www.moondancebellydance.com/. They have tons of great dance wear at very reasonable prices!  Check out "hip scarves" - you will find coin belts, beaded or crocheted ones. All quite lovely and many prices from Econo to Pro. Another great site: Dahlal International - many beautiful imported items. Fat-Chance Belly Dance has great "flying skirts". And e-Bay is full of bellydance surprises! One more reasonable site: www.missbellydance.com. 

***Please register here on-line and just mark in the box that you are signing up for Belly Dance

***ALL payment is due in FULL before or at the first class.Sorry, no special discounts apply. If there is a problem, contact me ASAP.

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